Year: 2021

As home office working became more widespread in a number of countries and types of companies, health challenges increased. One of the challenges that arose with the abrupt change was that the boundaries between work and private life became blurred (so-called blurred lines) [1]. In a survey conducted by Routley (2020), respondents stated that the […]

Illustration: © Marlena Baron Estonian health care COVID-19 pandemic revealed several weaknesses in public health and the health systems in general, at the same time accelerating change towards a next normal in healthcare. From mid-March in 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) started financing remote consultations as an alternative to […]

On 12th January the partners of the eHealth For Regions network met for the first time in the new year 2021 in a virtual room. The last year was filled with restrictions for the main purpose and interests, eHealth for Regions stands for: networking. Unfortunately, the network meeting which was planned to take place by the […]