First meeting of the network in 2021!

On 12th January the partners of the eHealth For Regions network met for the first time in the new year 2021 in a virtual room. The last year was filled with restrictions for the main purpose and interests, eHealth for Regions stands for: networking. Unfortunately, the network meeting which was planned to take place by the Estonian partners as well as other events in 2020 could not be organized. 

In the virtual meeting at the beginning of the new year the partners discussed on the special situation in these times as well as the future plans of the network. By common agreement the partners want to build on the successful projects, which the network conducted in the past years. Marlena Baron, the new colleague in the Management Secretary since January, is looking forward to delve deeper in the strong network of the different partner countries. 

Follow us on our future steps and get an insight in the work of the Finnish, Estonian, Danish and German partners of the network on these pages. 

About the Network

As an association of stakeholders in the health sector the eHealth for Regions Network is an incubator for innovative projects. It facilitates the transnational cooperation in the field of eHealth. With these activities the network wants to create a common European eHealth area. 

Developing new project ideas, sharing information or cooperating with network partners within transnational projects: the eHealth for Regions Network offers diverse possibilities for everyone interested. 

It looks forward to the joint work in fostering eHealth in the European regions!