Benefits of the network

A platform to exchange experience and generate new knowledge

The eHealth for Regions Network brings together different actors and stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region countries in its ambition to promote broader integration and acceptance of using Information and Communication technologies (ICT) in health care.

In each region different stakeholders are partner organizations such as universities, health care districts, hospitals or medical chambers and ministries. Joining the network is a great way to get in touch with new partners and to get new insights in research and development discussions around the Baltic Sea Region.

Members are encouraged to use the forum to bring in own project ideas as well. By maintaining a close relationship to the economy in the Baltic Sea Region countries the network ensures the commercial viability of project outcomes. Because of that we are able to integrate the competences and experiences of strong private business companies. Moreover, it facilitates the way for access to regional health care markets.

Participation in strategic planning of eHealth issues within the EUSBSR

The eHealth for Regions Network is an associated expert group within the Northern Dimension Partnership of Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS). The secretariat of the NDPHS acts as Priority Area Coordinator of the Priority Area Health within the EUSBSR. Thus you get an insight view of the EUSBSR and the work of the NDPHS.

The aim of the NDPHS is to push forward health care issues and to highlight them on the European agenda. Moreover, the NDPHS has a close look at all health related European funding programs. It assists in setting up projects and building new partnerships and cooperation.

Access to relevant players in the regions

Representatives from the highest regional political level composes the Political Strategic Board (PSB) of the network. They give strategic advice and foster the joint implementation of eHealth for the benefit of the citizens in their regions.

Thus you get access to the regional politicians dealing with health care issues in their regions. Moreover, the PSB paves the way to the regional health care providers in the region.

Successful project applications

The Management Secretariat of the Health for Regions Network is responsible for scanning the EU funding programs and looking for suitable calls for new project ideas.

In the last five years six out of seven project applications were successful.