Who we are

Who we are

We have different committees in our network to organize our work in a structured way. The different committees are defined in our Network agreement. To give a short overview about the tasks of our committes, we explain them in short.

Management Secretariat

The Management Secretariat (MS) prepares the Political Strategic Board and Executive Steering Committee meetings, organizes the network dissemination and maintains the network website.

It is represented by Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Political Strategic Board

In our network eHealth for Regions, representatives from high political levels of the partner regions are represented in the Political Strategic Board (PSB).

They have the following tasks:

  • to decide on strategic guidelines for the development of the network.
  • to promote the work of the eHealth for Regions network.
  • to support eHealth for Regions activities at political level.
  • to foster the development and implementation of eHealth applications and services in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • to inform the network on important eHealth issues in the partner countries.

Executive Steering committee

In the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) all important decisions are made, for example the budget of the network is administered and close cooperation between all partners is established to achieve the goals of the network. Each partner institution is respresented in the ESC.

The ESC has following tasks:

  • to actively support the progress of projects.
  • to prepare the decisions of the Political Strategic Board.
  • to ensure that all eHealth for Regions Network partners are informed about the latest status of activities, progress and changes.

Each network defines itself by its members

Because a network is mainly about cooperation and not only about specific roles, we want to introduce you all our members: