The eHealth for Regions Network is an association of stakeholders in the health sector. The Network is an incubator for innovative projects, it facilitates the transnational cooperation on eHealth and wants to create a common European eHealth area.

You can develop new project ideas, share information or cooperate with network partners within transnational projects.

We look forward to the joint work in fostering eHealth in the European regions!

The Network

The eHealth for Regions network resulted from the “eHealth for Regions” project (2004-2007). Since 2007, the network has taken on the task of improving the understanding of eHealth in society.

The network is characterized by the diversity of its members´ expertise. It includes a diverse group of relevant actors from the healthcare sector to work together to achieve our goals and visions. For a better exchange, regular partner meetings take place. In this way, current challenges of the different partner countries can be presented and joint solutions can be found.

What we have already achieved in the past, what we are currently working on and what our visions for the future look like, you can find our here:

Our Vision

  • We want to improve the life of European citizens regarding to medical challenges (e.g. illness, disability, prevention matters).
  • We aim at this through the improvement of their safety, health and well-being and through involving them in the planning, development and implementation of digital solutions.
  • We share eHealth ideas all over Europe – together with our partners. For that reason we support and involve our members in the planning, development and implementation of digital solutions.