The main objectives for the network are to promote collaboration between the partner regions in developing eHealth solutions and to find financing for such projects.

Applying for new projects

It is important that new projects focus on problems that are relevant to future challenges in health care. A new project should be innovative and not duplicate results from ongoing project.

Hence, it is important to monitor existing projects in the field. This information can be used both. To demonstrate the level of innovation in a proposed project, but also to formulate projects that benefit from the results of other projects. Another possibility is to continue or complete a subject.

For this reason the European Union takes a lot of the initiative. They are writing for example policy papers for a common European eHealth area. Several European programmes offer financing for eHealth seen from different perspectives. However, the web pages published by the EU Commission contain a huge amount of information. Therefore, it is essential to refine this information and extract what is most relevant for eHealth projects. 

That is what we are doing in our network!

Our Approach

We are working on different topics in our network meetings. This approach helped us to constantly have new projects within the network. In the following section you can find out more about our extisting and finalized projects. Additionally, we introduce the current topics for possible new projects.