Dementia and innovative technologies | Demantec 2.0 final conference

Safe the Date

The final conference of the Demantec 2.0 project will take place on 09.06.2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. via Webex, in a virtual conference room. Due to the current situation the event cannot take place in Flensburg as planned. For this reason, the virtual format was chosen because it offers interested people the possiblity to participate in the conference from anywhere.

The Event

The project is a German-Danish Interreg 5a project. It is primarily concerned with improving the quality of life of relatives who care for people with dementia in the home environment.

The event is organized by the Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care (Flensburg University of Applied Sciences) and is aimed to all people with a professional or personal relation to dementia or innovative technologies.

During our conference we will present various presentations, interviews with interdisciplinary participants and the results of the Interreg project.

The participation in the event is free of charge.

Interested people are kindly invited to register under the following link:

The project partners are pleased to welcome you as a participant.

What is special about the Demantec 2.0 project?

The Demantec 2.0 project works across borders. This means that not only national institutions will be represented. With this cross-border cooperation of one German and three Danish partners, we aim to improve the quality of life of relatives who care for people with dementia in the home environment by using innovative information and communication technologies.

During this conference you will have the opportunity to exchange information with national and international institutions from the health care sector and to expand your network in this way. For this reason, the event will be held in English.

If you have any questions, Ms. Maribel Pfeiffer ( will gladly be happy to help you.

More detailed information as well as the program for the final conference can be found on our homepage:

Demantec is supported by Interreg Germany-Denmark with funds from The European Regional Development Fund